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re: App: ColtPet

The application submitted by ColtPet is as follows:

Name : Bily Bones
Game : Elder Scrolls Online
Server : UK/IE
Level : 225 cp
Gender : Male
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Race : Dunmer
Class : Dragon Knight

What made you interested in our guild?:
Proscpect of regular trial events and a fun community

How did you find us?:

Where are you from?:

Age? (optional):

What is your character name? (Optional: Why this name?):
bily bones

Avarege playtime and when? (We got members online at most hours.):
2-4s a day on avarage, ill usually log in at least every other day

What is your Race/class/build and playstyle? (We do not care about "best builds"):
MagDK dd

Your ESO ID tag?:

Is your "build" a class you invented? For example, you are a "Bard" when asked what class you are. Please elaborate. (Optional but very interesting!):

Do you have a character story for your char? Feel free to share it! (Optional - but please share):
Not really but got me thinking..

All guildmembers are equal in the guild. Officers manages, but all members decides about the guild. We are ebonheart alliance and on the EU server. Please take a moment and consider what your part in the guild would be.

Kajiits tails are for pulling:

Please choose one or max three of the following statements: (Press right ctrl key for multiple options):
Challenging events, Company, Where is the mead?

Tell us about yourself. Play style? Expectations? Questions about the guild? (Optional):
I work odd hours so i could log in at anytime of the day, which is good since the guild is busy at all hours. I usually do PVE content but im not opposed trying some PVP in the future with EP. Currently im only leveling the one dd to max cp and but eventually ill roll another one. I basically want to try out everything the game has to offer with a fun group

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